Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Drills in Delhi

3843 During the training class this scenario “man with a gun on the bus” is handled as fast, and discreetly as possible. It could be a good guy or a madman. You won’t know until you clear the bus. Guns are ready just in case. Photos by Robert Duso.

3876 After each event the officers and people go through, they are critiqued.  What worked well, and what they should have, or could have done differently?   

7215 In this scenario a person moves upon an officer, and is in his space. The officer keeps calm and at the ready, just in case this person becomes a threat.

7232 Knife attack!  Being prepared is a must.  In this scenario, the officer fends off the attacker and fires his weapon stopping the attacker.

On Saturday, April 29th, the Delhi Police Training Division held a one day practical training exercise for law enforcement, security officers and civilians. This event was based on the Reality Based Training protocols to instruct officers how to respond to active shooter incidents.

The scenarios included; church setting, school bus, shopping mall, high rise apartment and handling emotionally disturbed individuals. Verbal de-escalation was stressed as a way to defuse any situation, before having to resort to any use-of- force.

Five NYS master police instructors coordinated this class and provided up to date training for the following agencies;

Delhi Police, Cairo Police, Cooperstown Police, Dolgeville Police, Durham Police, Elmira Police, Fallsburg Police, Hancock Police, Oxford Police, Walton Police, Nassau County Sheriff,

Sullivan County Sheriff, Windham Police, Spring City Police, N.Y. Racing Association Police and Allied Security.

Church Safety Teams were represented from Otego Christian Church, Delhi First Presb. and the Hill City Church, Oneonta, NY.

School bus and staff provided by Delaware Academy School, Delhi.