The Legend of Licky

Tempting Ice Cream Lovers for 60 Years

By David Avitabile

SHARON SPRINGS – Its bright and moving neon lights have been tempting and luring passersby to a refreshing ice cream cone in Schoharie County for about 60 years.

First “Licky” stood on the roof of Dairylea just outside the Village of Cobleskill on Route 7. Then it was moved to the top of Dairyland, the home of “Ice Cream & Fine Food,” on Route 20 in Sharon, just outside the Village of Sharon Springs.

“It was the Dairylea store on Route 7,” remembered resident Frank Tucker. “The low building that had the red faux mansard roof was the shop. They made the ice cream there. It is now the propane shop when Darylea went out of business, Daryland was able to have ‘Licky’ only if they put him on the building in Sharon Springs.”

Scott Barton also remembered Licky and Dairylea fondly.

“Dairylea Ice Cream shop was where Laurie (Bettig-Werner) describes it. Recently torn down. They served cones with so much on them you couldn’t see your hand. Every summer night there was a line out the door. We used to drive up from Esperance to get one in the 60’s. The folks in Sharon bought the sign at an auction and restored it. I recall the blinking neon tongue. Such fun.”Ms. Bettig-Werner added, “

I believe it was Dairylea. I think the company used to pick up the milk from local farmers. They were located by Dunkin Donuts. H and R Block was in the building. You could there and get ice cream cones or containers. They had one of the glass ice cream coolers that you could look through and pick the flavor you wanted.”:

Resident Debra Armlin recalled, “I can remember going there in Cobleskill and used to get excited to see the boy on top the building near Dunkin Donuts and we would stop and we would all about six of us and what a treat then and so much cheaper.”

Dee Smith recalled both Dairylea and Licky in Cobleskill.

“Yes, Dairylea used to be the brick building next to Dunkin donuts the one they just tore down

It was an icon when I was growing up and loved waiting in line for my treat.”

Nelson Allen also remembered where Licky was in Cobleskill.

“The shop in Cobleskill was possibly a Dairylea? East end Route 7 south side of road….just before Forester Road.”

Dave Hayner is the current owner of Dairyland and sees Licky as a perfect match for the roadside ice cream attraction.

“The beauty of Dairyland is that it’s authentic,” he said. “If corporate America did it, it would be too perfect and Licky is authentic. You’re taking what was a legitimate piece of history and bringing it back. it’s a perfect match to the building. People in Cobleskill remember it.”

Mr. Hayner bought the business from Kyle Conley, who purchased it from Ron Perrott who bought Licky and put him on the roof in the early 2000s.