Blenheim Hose Company Receives Training on New Jaws of Life Tool

On April 12th, seven members of the Blenheim Hose Company received training on their recently purchased ION Flexvolt Combi Spreader (jaws of life) tool.

The Blenheim Hose Company appreciates the award of funding made possible through the New York Power Authority, the Schoharie County County Flood Committee and Board of Supervisors which distributed $200,000 to local First Responders and related agencies.

Doug DeRidder of Bulldog Fire Apparatus provided the in-depth, two-hour hands-on training for the proper use of this emergency access tool at the Blenheim Municipal Center. The new tool was used to remove the doors and roof of a car as part of the training. The Blenheim Hose Company is grateful for the comprehensive training provided by Mr. DeRidder.

Featured Image: Chief Kevin Gillespie operates the rescue tool.