CROP Hunger Walk Raises Thousands

COBLESKILL — The amount of money collected at the May 7 Schoharie County Aggie Scott Memorial CROP Hunger Walk set a new record by surpassing last year’s record-setting total  by over a thousand dollars.

The fundraiser, held at Cobleskill United Methodist Church on a sunny Sunday afternoon,  raised $12,816 . Last year’s record-setting final total was $11,384.

However, as often happens, there are unanswered questions about the actual amount collected online. That $12, 816 figure may be adjusted upward  in the coming days.

The official final CROP Hunger Walk totals usually come out a few months after the spring CROP Hunger Walks.  Furthermore, checks to local food pantries went out last month from the Spring 2022 events.

Seventy people walked in the annual fundraiser.

Cobleskill United Methodist Church earned the Golden Sneaker for being the church turning in the most money on May 7. CUMC also went home with the Mass Transit Award for having the largest number of Walkers.

Helderberg Lutheran Church in Berne went home with the Silver Sneaker for raising the second-largest amount of money and the Happy Feet Award for having the second-largest number of Walkers.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Community of Cobleskill earned the Green Sneaker for the third-largest amount of money turned in. 

John Jarvis took the Lee Empie award for turning in the largest number of dollars in cash and checks at Sunday’s event. Kathy Kosier and Kathy Jones went home with certificates for collecting the second- and third-largest amounts of money, respectively.

In the non-church category Team Empie went home with the Golden Sneaker for raising the largest amount of money this year. SUNY’s  Cobleskill Christian Fellowship brought in the second largest amount, thereby earning the Silver Sneaker in the non-church category. The SUNY students also earned the Dusty Sneaker for being the third largest group participating in this year’s fundraiser.

Team Empie also had the second-largest number of in-person Walkers at the event.

Schoharie County Aggie Scott Memorial CROP Hunger Walk event arranger John Jarvis commented, ”For two years in a row our CROP Hunger Walk has set new records for the amount of money raised. I’m sure that Lee Empie is looking down on us from Heaven with a big smile on his face. His legacy as leading CROP fundraiser lives on through Team Empie, which raised $5000 this year. Team Empie just amazes me.’’  

Briefing before the walk.  Walkers are given a map, safety instructions, and a big thank you for participating.
Time for a group photo of team Empie! Photos by Robert Duso